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Home of the Blue Devils

All Stakeholders share this belief: At Michie School we Learn, Educate, Achieve, Respect, Nurture  -- LEARN through
LEARN, we will empower students to be proficient in Tennessee's academic standards.
6418 Hwy 57E
Michie, TN 38357
phone: 731-439-4135
fax: 731-632-4945
Michie School was built in 1954, in the Southeast corner of McNairy County in West Tennessee. It originally served children in first through twelfth grades. In 1969, county schools, grades 9-12, were consolidated. It was then that Michie Elementary School became a kindergarten through eighth grade facility. We currently serve 390 students in Pre-kindergarten through eighth grades. Since becoming a K-8 school, MES has undergone several renovations/classroom additions. 
Michie School's staff includes a principal, one assistant principal, one guidance counselor, one media specialist, 34 full time classroom teachers, including four interventionists, one half-time music teacher, one half-time art teacher, two special education teacher, and two physical education teachers. In addition, a speech therapist, gifted coordinator and behavior specialist meet with identified students on a weekly basis. One secretary/bookkeeper, one data clerk, 4 teacher assistants, four custodians, one nurse, one part-time social worker and a cafeteria staff of 5 complete the staff at MES.
All teachers hold professional licenses: 18 Bachelor's degrees, 19 Master's degrees. The average years of experience for our faculty is 13 years. All teachers are highly qualified in their teaching assignment areas. 
Michie students receive 180 days of instruction in the following: math, reading/language arts, science, social studies, and physical education. In addition to the core curriculum, students have the opportunity to participate in: 4-H, DARE, art, music, library, guidance classes, fieldtrips, band, sports, and ENRICH (After school program). The community supports our school by being involved in programs such as: open house, family fun nights, class meetings, parent - teacher conferences, and volunteer opportunities.